Global Mercy Operation (GMO) is a non-government organization registered in England, consisting of a group of highly experienced professionals with more than 35 years of experience in Social Welfare Programs and Humanitarian Projects around the world, with specialty in Africa. With references from international business, social projects, education and humanitarian programs, we organize projects in Africa and South America through our South African based partners and African Trust.
Global Mercy Operation is headquartered in London with representative offices in Johannesburg, Harare, Accra, Stockholm, Budapest and Hong Kong. If clients have humanitarian projects, we are more than happy to receive proposals and plans for our analysis and potential funding evaluation. We will attend to any questions that require clarity and are happy to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

Global Mercy Operation has credible experience in assisting organizations, companies and entrepreneurs and their humanitarian projects with funds to achieve highest proficiency and profitability technologically and otherwise.

Be part of our humanitarian programs

Our humanitarian programs are an opportunity to promote human welfare and improve outcomes for some of the world’s most in-need people.

Get out of your comfort zone and use your experience to positively build capacity within the community and culture you’re immersed in while increasing access to vital services, education, and healthcare.
Humanitarian aid is often thought of within the context of an immediate response to a crisis, such as a natural disaster; however, there’s a long-term approach to humanitarian work that plays a powerful role in building stronger communities.

By choosing to support our humanitarian projects that put the spotlight on long-term change, everyone can help address the root issues that impact human welfare and improve outcomes for marginalized people, creating happier, healthier communities abroad.

See the world and support community-driven projects on affordable and unique service opportunities for solo travelers, families, friends, and groups. Expect authentic experiences, real adventure and to take part in meaningful humanitarian service.

About our Humanitarian Projects

Our humanitarian projects provide social welfare programs, humanitarian tools, material and logistical assistance to groups of people or countries in need of aid.
Projects vary among those necessitated by man-made disasters, natural disasters, poverty and aid development. As such, our focus of each project differs. GMO has long term relations and agreements with world-wide Christian organizations and Churches, which organize and distribute the social welfare programs and humanitarian projects locally direct to individuals and families.

GMO has today a network of Churches that reach around 2 billion members through World Economic Congress (WEC) in Africa which organize social welfare programs, providing homes, pure water, clinics, schools, e-learning for individuals and families.


A startup is an entrepreneurial venture, typically describing newly emerged, fast-growing business. Definition of the startup usually refers to a company, a partnership or an organization designed to rapidly develop scalable business models.
We fund startups, in growing markets and in different countries where our in-house experts incubate the startup to a sustainable state. Since we have a highly experienced group of professionals, we often get proposals to contribute in different areas giving us leverage on various opportunities.

We strategically fund small amounts in different companies to minimize the risk and maximize the profit. Maybe it is a Microloan or Peer to Peer loan that is needed to get the startup up and running. We therefore customize solutions for every startup.

Global Mercy Operation founders have pedigree in humanitarian projects as well as proficiency in different markets. With clients in over 60 countries we have dedicated the past ten years in creating new opportunities for needed people. We love to think in innovative ways and find groundbreaking solutions to maximize your start-up towards exponential growth.

Our projects are based on close relations with organisations, businesses and markets where we can be hands-on and secure our humanitarian projects in the best possible way, with our own experienced staff.

Our partners can track the results providing real time reflections via our online project platform.

Our humanitarian projects are made to your convenience

Our humanitarian projects are tailor-made to your convenience allowing our clients just able to see their start-up business grow at our DeeC platform.


Global Mercy Operation offers a unique way of fast home solutions with shipping container homes. With just a few adjustments, shipping containers can be used as part of an excellent approach to home building. Shipping containers will provide housing and shelters in this rapidly changing world for many people who badly need homes.

Water Purification

The world is currently having problems with water sources and the demand increases with the world’s growing population. Our water container solution is designed to answer this need for water by treating unusable water into a fresh and clean water.


African economies are growing faster than those of Europe or North America. Africa has the world’s youngest population too. So, equipping young Africans with the skills they need to compete is a vital part of ensuring continuing growth in the world’s most exciting continent.

School Projects

Through Community Wide Outreach, we have seen growth in our humanitarian projects, such as School Programs, Youth Leadership Academies and Children Medical Outreach Programs. We are committed to staying involved in these life-changing programs until we see results from the collaborative efforts of business and civic society translates to sustainable holistic development.


We believe that every human being should have access to quality healthcare. Our hearts are bent toward meeting the needs of the underserved populations of the world.  These relocatable clinics are designed and built to serve patients in remote or isolated environments, or in areas where a more traditional hospital is impractical.

Village Water

We see a strong future in providing safe and clean water in remote parts of Africa where water-bone diseases are rife. Through wells, children´s lives are not only transformed, but mortality levels are improved and so are opportunities to educate and prepare for life.

Let your project grow with our humanitarian expertise

Regardless of your location, America, Asia, Africa or Europe it doesn't matter, our humanitarian concept is designed for easy handling and translation for everyone, everywhere.
Our simple procedure for initial contact with anyone with a project will be to:
  • Submit a comprehensive project proposal and business plan
  • Sign a confidential agreement on your humanitarian project
  • Structure and sign an agreement
  • Track transactions online on the DeeC platform (
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